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About 100 employees from Cass County Health System packed a conference room to join in the latest IHA Hospital Celebration in Atlantic.  This was the third of six celebrations IHA is hosting this year.


In Atlantic, health system CEO Pat Markham welcomed the capacity crowd.

“We’re here to celebrate the broad and positive impact our health system has on our community and county.  We applaud the high quality of your work, because we know it is challenging, important and unique.”

IHA President Kirk Norris reminded the group that their impact extends well beyond the work they do and the care they provide every day, all day.

“One thing we emphasize as we advocate on behalf of you and your hospital is the tremendous economic impact you have.  There are few, if any, organizations in your community or county that contribute as many jobs as your hospital,” he said, noting that the hospital also adds greatly to the area’s overall quality of life.

Echoing that sentiment was speaker Steve Siemens, who said,

“The people in this room change lives and improve this community every day.   Because you work hard and exceed expectations, you make people say ‘Wow,’ and then you do it again the next day…that is why we are here to celebrate you.”

Following the hour-long program, which included a specially produced video that promotes the hospital and its positive influence on the community, IHA treated the employees to ice cream, which was donated by Martin Brothers Distributing, an IHA Associate Member, and T-shirts commemorating the celebration.


The next IHA Hospital Celebration is scheduled for July 28 at Cherokee Regional Medical Center.  IHA is producing these events to further connect hospital staff to IHA’s mission and to recognize hospital leaders who have been particularly active in IHA.


The Iowa Hospital Association and its member hospitals are committed to building a stronger Iowa and caring for our communities. The impact these institutions have on our communities has been quantified in studies like the Community Benefits Report, but there are also a number of qualitative benefits which aren’t able to be measured, except through meeting and talking with the people in the communities these hospitals support.

In recognition of the great work our health care workforce does day in and day out, IHA is kicking off a series of recognition ceremonies celebrating Iowa hospitals.

First stop: Hampton

Our first stop was Hampton, a town of 4,218 people, north on Interstate 35 and slightly to the east. Franklin General Hospital is a rural hospital with 25 acute care beds, a primary care clinic (Franklin Medical Center) and a 52-bed nursing facility.

The group of Franklin General employees and IHA staff were welcomed by CEO Mark Klosterman, kicking off the event on a positive note. Klosterman explained FGH’s relationship with IHA, including his role as a district chair. Kirk Norris, President of the Iowa Hospital Association, extended his thanks to the staff and discussed the mission of our association as a direct connection to Iowa’s hospitals. We exist to help Iowa’s hospitals succeed and achieve their own missions.

A history of Hampton and good people

As part of the celebration, IHA worked with Applied Art and Technology in Des Moines to produce a “history of Hampton” video showcasing FGH employees and their dedication to the community. In addition, IHA brought in Steve Siemens, President of Siemens People Builders, to celebrate the people of Hampton and acknowledge the impact they make every day.

Stevens closed with a heartfeld thanks: “We celebrate you for your hard work. Your hard work helps this hospital fulfill it’s mission.”

See you at the next event

Our first hospital celebration was a total success and I look forward to each of our future stops. It feels great to be able to get out into the communities of our 117 member hospitals and meet the people making a difference in the lives of everyone around them.