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Iowa News
Preserving the Legacy of Genesis
A repaired statue of Mary, the Blessed Mother, is once again resting in the historic Sacred Heart Cemetery on the campus of Genesis Medical Center, West Central Park.  (Genesis Health System website)

Insurance Changes
An Iowa health care provider says it is changing health care benefits for one group of workers. Those affected say they way they see it, their benefits are being cut. (WHO-TV)

U.S. News

Patient, heal thyself
The mean charge for outpatient surgery was $6,100 versus $39,000 for inpatient surgery in 2007, according to the most recent report on surgical costs from the federal government.  (The Wall Street Journal)

Sleeve system links surgeons to computer
Computers seem to be everywhere these days, and operating rooms are no different. Computers identify maladies, store and make immediately accessible patients’ medical data, capture and display video and take precise measurements inside the body.  (The Journal Gazette)

Seeking proof in near-death claims
At 18 hospitals in the U.S. and U.K., researchers have suspended pictures, face up, from the ceilings in emergency-care areas. The reason: to test whether patients brought back to life after cardiac arrest can recall seeing the images during an out-of-body experience. (The Wall Street Journal)

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