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IHA Reports on Iowa Employers’ Wellness Efforts

employee wellness

Using case studies from 19 large Iowa employers, “Partners for Health: How Iowa Businesses, Health Care Providers and Employees are Collaborating to Create Value” offers specific real-world examples of successful programs Iowa businesses have implemented to engage employees in their health and improve individual and organizational wellness.

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Health Plan Claims Deserve Close Scrutiny

That state’s plan for Medicaid managed care — a massive, fast-moving change — offers nothing to Iowa. What these health plans claim they can bring is already happening here – led by Iowans, for Iowans.

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Hospitals Don’t Fear Change; They Lead It

Health care is change. Much of it is necessary and welcome, innovative, even revolutionary. Some of it is unnecessary, a hindrance, even dangerous. The bulk of it is somewhere in between – basically good ideas in need of refinement, testing, tweaking, discussion, compromise. In health care, real, disciplined change takes leadership, cooperation and time. But that’s not how it’s working with managed care, with the state single-handedly rocketing toward its January 1, 2016 implementation.

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Community Workers Changing Health Care

Health officials across the country face a vexing quandary – how do you help the sickest and neediest patients get healthier and prevent their costly visits to emergency rooms? Los Angeles County is testing whether community health workers like Walfred Lopez may be one part of the answer.

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