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Beyond the Hospital, She Nurses 4-Legged Racers


When she puts aside caring for humans for the day, Davenport Nursing Supervisor Janet Stoefen still has patients like Cryo, Pep Boy, Beau, Holler, Fat Sam and a cast of other four-legged characters waiting for her at home. At times, there are nearly enough dogs for a K-9 baseball team.

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Suddenly, There Were Six

“We get asked a lot about how we handle five kids that are ages six and under. Our response is that we don’t think about it, we just do it. We have lived in a world full of chaos for many years, so the twins just blend right in.”

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Meet a Hospital Hero: Elaine Berry

It’s not unusual for a doctor to be referred to as a “hero.” They save lives on a regular basis, sometimes in dramatic fashion in an emergency room, sometimes by way of monitoring chronic health conditions. Dr. Elaine Berry, a family medicine physician at the Atlantic Medical Center, is no exception. For those “routine” acts alone, Dr. Berry could easily be designated as a Hospital Hero.

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Trump, ACA and the Future of Health Care

Throughout the campaign, President-Elect Donald Trump’s entire health message consisted of promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act remains difficult with Democrats still commanding enough power in the Senate to block the 60 votes needed for a full repeal. Republicans could use fast-track budget authority to make some major changes to the law, although that could take some time. In the short term, however, Trump could use executive power to make some major changes on his own.

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