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Medicaid Privatization Math Fails

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It doesn’t take a math whiz to see that the Medicaid managed care numbers being spun from the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) and the governor’s office just don’t add up.

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Automating Physician Empathy

HealthLoop offers “a digital extension of the doctor,” explained Dr. Jordan Shlain. “You know your doctor can’t email you every day; you know your doctor usually will not call you. Now you’re in a world where your doctor says I’d like to use this system to stay in touch with you and guide you through your recovery.”

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Beware the Mythology of Medicaid Privatization

As Iowa’s 118 community hospitals and 71,000 hospital employees work daily to bring healing and wellness to all Iowans, the state’s reckless rush toward privatization of the Medicaid program has been a source of extreme concern. Most concerning are the myths about privatization perpetuated by our own governor as he tries to promote what is simply a bad idea for Iowa and, especially, for 560,000 vulnerable Iowans who depend on Medicaid.

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Meet a Hospital Hero: Kevin Bradley

Kevin’s deeds and noble qualities heavily outweigh even his impressive resume. He puts the patient’s needs before his own, sacrificing so much of his personal time to ensure the people of Centerville have the best care possible.

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