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Patient Perspective: 2 Patients, 2 Therapists


Dathan and Braden Miller of Waverly may be twins, but they are one-of-a-kind to Leah Thier, the boys’ physical therapist at Waverly Health Center. The seven-year-olds have cerebral palsy and have been working with Thier for the past five years to build their strength and coordination.

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Meet a Hospital Hero: Keri Sersland

What Keri did was outstanding, but it’s also very consistent with her normal approach to her work. She continually demonstrates caring, compassion and dedication to her patients on a daily basis. Patients respond to her kind and gentle approach and enjoy working with her. In fact, everyone enjoys working with Keri.

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Medicaid Change Demands Innovation

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” The state of Iowa needs to determine whether it intends to lead or follow on this initiative. Will it go the route of New Coke or can the state muster the courage to innovate?

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Medicaid Managed Care: Access vs. Profit

Washington regulators are about to initiate the biggest overhaul of Medicaid managed-care rules in a decade. Prompted by the growth of Medicaid outsourcing and concerns about access to care, the regulations are expected to limit profits and set stricter requirements for quality of care and the size of doctor networks.

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