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UI Studies Rural Access to Health Specialties


An ongoing series of studies by University of Iowa researchers shows that access to a variety of specialty health care fields are more accessible than thought in rural Iowa, but that access could be threatened depending on how health care reforms are implemented.

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Meet a Hospital Hero: Jim Elbert

Every hospital has a go-to person, a sort of does-it-all super hero, who tops the list of who to call when help is needed. At Kossuth Regional Health Center (KRHC) in Algona, that person is Jim Elbert. Jim has worked in maintenance at KRHC for 25 years and serves as key contact for issues ranging from construction to security questions.

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The Far-Reaching Impact of Community Hospitals

Access to health care, like health itself, tends to be taken for granted until it’s taken away. And just as there is far more to a person than their health, there is far more to a hospital than the day-to-day provision of health care.

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Making the Human Condition Computable

For centuries, there simply wasn’t enough information to know what was making a person sick or what to do to cure the patient. Now, health care is being flooded with information. Advances in computing technology mean that gathering, storing and analyzing health information is relatively cheap, and it’s getting cheaper by the day. As computers continue to fall in price, the cost of sequencing a single person’s genome is tumbling, too.

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