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Meet a Hospital Hero: Barbara Miller

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Barbara Miller has had a phenomenal impact on the quality of Great River Hospice since its inception. The program’s first social worker, she set the stage for social work’s role in hospice and developed meaningful programs, including a grief support group and veterans’ recognition ceremonies.

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Right-Sizing Care with ‘Microhospitals’

Small hospitals, even tiny ones, with robust outpatient services could be a real boon for people who live far from major metro areas. “Right now they seem to be popping up in large urban and suburban metro areas,” said Priya Bathija, senior associate director for policy development at the American Hospital Association. However, “we really think they have the potential to help in vulnerable communities that have a lack of access.”

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President Obama Assesses ACA Progress

The president reviews the factors influencing the his decision to pursue health care reform, summarizes evidence on the effects of the law to date, recommends actions that could build on the progress made under the law to improve our health care system and identifies general lessons for current and future policymakers.

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Health Policy Sequels Fail to Impress

In one of the longest sequel gaps in movie history, “Independence Day: Resurgence” is now on the big screen. While the show promises to be great summer entertainment, one critic has asked why the entertainment industry seems to continually revisit the same old stories…is there nothing new under the Hollywood sun? With a little reflection, the same can be said about the state of our health care system.

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