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Paying It Forward with Organ Donation


To Eric Burge , a kidney transplant meant a second chance at life; “As a recipient, there’s no way to thank [my donor] to that magnitude.” Now he and the person who donated the kidney, Mary Beth Murray, are preparing to compete in next month’s Transplant Games in Cleveland.

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Meet a Hospital Hero: Laine Custer

As a Greene County Medical Center public health nurse for 23 years, Laine Custer has worn many hats in her time – but it’s the coat of many colors she wears as she trains, teaches, heals and mentors that makes Laine a real hero for so many.

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Architecture Concepts Can Improve Mental Health

The greatest opportunity for architecture to encourage the prevention and control of mental illnesses is in residential and workplace environments, where most of our time is spent. According to a recent Mental Health America’s report, approximately 1 in 5 American adults suffer from a mental illness. In Iowa, a state that ranks better than average, an estimated 418,000 adults suffer from mental illness. Architecture design is one of the many solutions that have been proven to improve mental health and well-being.

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Long Life Requires Personal Engagement

As Iowa health care providers well know, real engagement requires understanding and overcoming the hurdles and barriers that are part of each person’s life story, from how they were cared for in the womb and as an infant to how they did early on in school to how they coped with adolescence and beyond.

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