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End-of-Life Counseling and Physician Payment


When done right, these counseling sessions often delve into end-of-life treatment options and legal documents, such as advance directives and living wills. The issues to be covered are complex and typically require a series of discussions. But right now, Medicare only pays doctors for this sort of advanced care planning if it happens during the first visit for new Medicare enrollees.

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Medicaid Managed Care: Promises Without Proof

Just where are the questions about the promises of Medicaid managed care with regard to cost, access and quality? As noted, DHS’ rose-colored claims for each of these were as unchallenged as they were unsubstantiated. For those willing to investigate, it’s not hard to find doubt. A 2012 report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which examined and summarized current and relevant research on the subject, has plenty of it.

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Why We Celebrate Medicaid

Medicaid has for five decades provided health coverage that helps low-income seniors, children and people with disabilities get needed health care. It provides parents and other adults with economic security through health coverage that protects them (and their health care providers) from medical debt and allows them to stay healthy and work.

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Meet a Hospital Hero: Michael Tiedt

At Community Memorial Hospital in Sumner, Michael finds himself working in many areas as he cares for patients. Michael is someone who staff will call upon when emergencies strike; he has a way of leading his team through these difficult times, building their comfort and confidence throughout the experience.

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