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Hospice Comforts Lake City Family

“Hospice gave my loved ones the ability to live out their last days in dignity and love, surrounded by people who truly cared. They became our family during those very critical days. The sincerity this staff has is unquestionable. For the compassion they have for those that are leaving us and for the caregivers, I cannot thank them enough.”

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Mental Health Care in Iowa is Fragmented and Costly

Iowa needs a full care continuum in behavioral health that includes sub-acute services, crisis intervention, crisis homes, nursing facility care and community-based services. With that infrastructure in place, more hospital inpatient psychiatric beds will become available for patients who truly need them, while patients needing less intensive care will receive it close to home. Properly investing in these more efficient and effective resources now will put our state on a path to reduce behavioral health care costs in the long run. Otherwise, reliance on stop-gap measures will continue to extract a high price from both Iowans and Iowa communities.

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Creative Hospital Fills Big Bags with Blessings

“Not only do we provide care to those who come to us, but this project demonstrates how we live our faith and extend our care and compassion to those in need. The added benefit is that we are being good stewards of our resources, finding a meaningful use for material that would have otherwise gone to the landfill.”

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Meet a Hospital Hero: Michele Birdsell

A Henry County Health Center pharmacist since 1996, Michele has positively impacted the lives of patients, staff and students for 20 years. Her actions, attitude and day-to-day concern for patients are evidence of the passion she has for others. When Michele says “my patients,” she really means it.

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