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From Engaged Patient to Data Monster

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A stream of data will become a torrent that will “flow into a void of understanding.” But it doesn’t have to be that way, not when providers are prepared well ahead of the flood and not when patient-provider relationships are built through access to care and a medical home that is not hampered by income, geography, politics or regulations, including disconnected reimbursement policies.

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Meet a Hospital Hero: Dr. Ronald Myrom

Having retired in 2008, Dr. Ronald Myrom is still a daily fixture at Palmer Lutheran Health Center in West Union and other health care organizations within his community. He regularly sees patients in area nursing and residential homes and fills in and provides back-up for the hospital’s urgent care clinic and emergency department.

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Empathy Project Paying Dividends

The patient was dying and she knew it. In her mid-50s, she had been battling breast cancer for years, but it had spread to her bones, causing unrelenting pain that required hospitalization. Jeremy Force, a first-year oncology fellow at Duke University Medical Center who had never met the woman, was assigned to stop by her room last November to discuss her decision to enter hospice.

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What Better Policing, Better Health Have in Common

Health care, like policing, is a partnership between providers and communities, where in the name of prevention each shares, in-part, the other’s role. The future for an effective, efficient and sustainable health care system depends upon transparently connecting with key communities – including government, business and payers – to cultivate those partnerships and ensure shared priorities are understood and best practices are adopted.

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