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Meet a Hospital Hero: Brad Strader

While Brad always stresses to everyone that it is the donors who make the foundation a success, without Brad’s leadership and vision, the hospital’s foundation would not be the vibrant organization it is today, capable of providing funds to assist dedicated hospital staff in providing exceptional care and services to patients. As one nominator said about Brad, “He works quietly and constantly through many projects and programs to build an ever better institution.”

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Hotel or Hospital? Why Not Both?

Somehow, some people have failed to see the important healing qualities of thoughtful architecture, natural light, pleasing color palettes, comfortable furniture and inspiring artwork. They view hospitals as unsightly “institutions” that should fade into the background.

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What Patients Gain By Reading Doctor’s Notes

Open Notes estimates about 5 million people see physicians who share their notes as part of a new initiative, said Tom Delbanco, a professor at Harvard Medical School who has been with the project since it launched. That includes doctors from more than 20 institutions across the country. And even beyond the project’s participants, there is a trend among physicians to move in this direction.

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Lessons from the C-Suite: Bill Leaver

“UnityPoint Health is on a journey from being hospital-centric, to becoming patient-centered, physician-driven. It’s really easy to say those words. It’s incredibly hard to get people to see what you mean. To get managers to learn that if a house-bound patient needs a home care visit, your first thought shouldn’t be “how do we get paid for it?” but should be “how do I get that home nurse there?”‘

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