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IHA Names New Group of Hospital Heroes


The 10 individual awards given this year went to employees at hospitals of every size, both rural and urban, in all parts of the state. For seven of the 10 hospitals represented, this was their first employee to receive the IHA Iowa Hospital Heroes Award.

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How the System Fails Complex Patients

“You don’t need new money [to care for patients], you just need new service delivery systems. We have to stop giving up on poor people. There is a feeling that it’s the patients’ fault that their care process isn’t going well, and that the health care system has done everything it can do and the rest is up to the patient.”

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Meet a Hospital Hero: Roger Sandhorst

Heroes come in many shapes, sizes and colors–some even wear capes! Many, though, are much less visible, preferring to fly under the radar. Roger Sandhorst is one of those quiet heroes. Never one to attract attention, to put things off, to give up, or even go on vacation, Roger is too busy taking care of everyone else to put himself first.

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Walmart as Primary Care Provider

Whether or not the place where you can pick up pork rinds and Pall Malls can (or should) serve as a medical home is certainly up for debate, but right now it’s a little beside the point. What is clear is that Walmart has a sound, consumer-friendly strategy of low price and easy access that traditional providers must be prepared to counter.

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