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Medicaid Managed Care Needs More Thought


The proposed timeline and the notion of moving Iowa’s entire Medicaid program to management by private entities begs many more questions than it answers.

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Why Iowa Needs Telehealth Now

It’s no secret that Iowa went through one heck of a winter this year. While this is always an area of concern from an emergency response perspective, new attention is being brought to helping give remote Iowans better access to care. This method is called telehealth and it seeks to help Iowans who may live long distances from their nearest hospital or are unable to travel by connecting them directly with their doctor over secure, advanced technological means.

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Iowa Hospitals Generate 121,000 Jobs

Iowa’s community hospitals generate more than 121,000 jobs that add more than $6.2 billion to the state’s economy, according to the Iowa Hospital Association’s latest Iowa hospital economic impact report. In addition, Iowa hospital employees by themselves spend nearly $1.6 billion on retail sales and contribute $96 million in state sales tax revenue.

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CEOs to Congress: Protect Community Health Care

At the recent American Hospital Association Health Forum Rural Healthcare Leadership Conference in Phoenix, hospital leaders delivered a strong message to Congress urging it to protect community-based health care. Congress recently introduced several bills addressing rural hospitals and hospital leaders are urging support for rural policies. Two Iowa hospital CEOs attending the conference shared their perspective on these important issues.

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