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At Grinnell Hospital, Copper Fights Infection


A research partnership between Grinnell College and Grinnell Regional Medical Center concluded that using copper alloy materials in a hospital setting substantially decreased the hospital’s bacterial burden. These results could reduce the number of health care-associated infections.

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Homelessness, Health and Hope

Can hospitals solve the homeless problem? No, but that’s not the point. Effective health care is moving steadily from the reactive – trying to fix what homelessness breaks – to proactive – mitigating homelessness as a health issue with preventive care or, ultimately, by supplying permanent, adequate housing.

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Iowa Hospital Community Benefit Exceeds $1 Billion

Results of IHA’s 2015 Community Benefits Survey have been released and show Iowa hospitals provided community benefits valued at more than $1 billion including more than $246 million in charity care. All 118 of Iowa’s community hospitals participated in the statewide survey which is distributed by IHA annually.

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Meet a Hospital Hero: Ania Renteria

Though only 4 feet 11 inches tall, there are few who have a heart as big as Ania Renteria, an MRI technologist at Iowa Specialty Hospital-Clarion. Many heroes are defined by one single act that may only impact a few lives, but Ania is a hero of a different sort. She touches many lives, in big and little ways, every day. The impact of this type of hero is truly beyond measure.

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